The Mayan Long Count Calendar Aztec 80mm LARGE Bronze Plated Souvenir Token

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Super size collectible Item! Ultra High Relief, great quality real 3D Token-Medal
The big souvenir token discovers the exciting world of ancient Mayan and Aztec culture. The item depicts the famous circular Sun Stone image which is considered to show the way the Aztecs measured time cycles. The other Mesoamerican cultures used similar calendar systems including the sacred Long Count Calendar. Mayan Long Count Calendar is the most well known among them as well as Mayan pyramids and bloody human sacrifices. The reverse side of the token shows Maya-related images such as the relief of the Chichen Itza’s pyramid surrounded by the effigies of traditional Mayan sculpture. There is the inscription “Maya” above the pyramid. The bronze plating gives the ancient touch to the token although the details of the reliefs are crated very carefully.

Gross Weight: 205g or 7.2 oz
Size 80 mm x 5 mm thick